Good Feet Store Commercial: Actors and Actresses

The Good Feet Store is a U.S.-based franchise renowned for its comprehensive range of arch supports, footwear, and foot care products. Under the leadership of CEO Richard Moore, the company operates from its current headquarters in Carlsbad, California.

A Good Feet Store commercial refers to a television advertisement produced by The Good Feet Store. These commercials are designed to promote the company’s products, which include arch supports, footwear, and other foot care items. The Good Feet Store has had 359 nationally aired TV ad campaigns.

These advertisements typically feature various actors and actresses, including famous football players, portraying different scenarios to highlight the benefits and features of the products. The goal of the Good Feet Store commercial is to attract potential customers and encourage them to purchase the products or visit the stores.

What Is Good Feet Store Commercial?

A Good Feet Store commercial is a 30-second televised advertisement designed to promote the products and services of The Good Feet Store, a company in the clothing and footwear industry.

These commercials usually feature real stories of people who have benefited from the store’s products, such as arch supports and footwear.

Some of the key commercials include ‘A Real Person With a Real Problem: Free Shoes’, ‘Rhonda’s Story: Free Shoes’, ‘Moira: Free Shoes’, and ‘Real Person: Free Shoes’.

These commercials are a part of the store’s national advertising campaigns, which have seen significant media placement. In the past 30 days alone, The Good Feet Store has had 359 airings, earning an airing rank of #1,391 and a spend ranking of #954 compared to all other advertisers.

Each commercial typically includes elements like scriptwriting, storyboarding, visual effects, voice-overs, and a catchy jingle. A call to action is often included to encourage viewers to connect with The Good Feet Store via platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, or by phone.

The ultimate goal of these commercials is to raise brand awareness, influence consumer behavior, increase brand recognition, and deliver persuasive messaging about the benefits of The Good Feet Store’s products. The success of these commercials is assessed using various advertising metrics.

What Is The Best Good Feet Store Commercial?

One of the most impactful commercials from The Good Feet Store is the one that tells Tyler’s story.

In this 2017 commercial, Tyler’s story highlights the transformative power of The Good Feet Store’s products, showing how they can help alleviate foot pain and improve quality of life. It ends with an invitation for viewers to experience free personalized arch support fitting at The Good Feet Store, making it a compelling and persuasive advertisement.

Who Is Taylor On The Good Feet Store Commercial?

Tyler is a club volleyball player who was struggling with foot pain that affected her performance on the court. She shares:

“I’m pretty good at volleyball. I really like to run and get those tips up and stuff, but when my feet hurt, it’s really bad, and I can’t get there because my feet are in such pain. So I told my mom, and she took me to The Good Feet Store. I noticed that I haven’t really had the pain since then. I really want to be on the women’s national team, and I’m pretty sure that The Good Feet Store is going to help me get there. My name is Taylor, and that’s my Good Feet story.”

The actors featured in The Good Feet Store commercials include a mix of ordinary individuals and famous sports personalities, each sharing their unique stories and experiences with the brand’s products. Here are some of them:

  • Dean Gustafson: A resident of Portland, Dean loved The Good Feet Store so much that he was asked to appear in their national commercial.
  • Michael Robinson: A professional footballer who has been featured in the commercials.
  • Doug Williams: The first African-American quarterback to start and win a Super Bowl, Doug Williams appeared in a Good Feet Store commercial.
  • Ed McCaffrey: An American football coach, Ed McCaffrey also appeared in the commercials for The Good Feet Store.
  • Jayden Gardner: Known for his skills on the basketball court, Jayden Gardner has been featured in The Good Feet Store commercials in 2022.
  • Joey Logano: A NASCAR Cup Series champion, Joey Logano has also appeared in The Good Feet Store commercials in 2023.
  • Kihei Clark: An ACC basketball player, Kihei Clark, has been featured in the commercials, where he shares how The Good Feet Store’s arch supports help him maintain balance and stability, enhancing his agility on the court.

Who Is The Football Player That Does The Good Feet Store Commercial?

The football player that does the Good Feet Store commercial is NFL legend, Doug Williams. He has entered into a multi-year endorsement deal with The Good Feet Store, a top retailer of premium, personally fitted arch supports for foot health.

Williams, who was the first African-American quarterback to start and win a Super Bowl in 1993, recognizes the importance of proper foot health and the benefits of Good Feet Arch Supports. The endorsement partnership aims to educate athletes and consumers on the pain-relieving benefits of Good Feet products.

Williams personally experienced the benefits of Good Feet Arch Supports during fitting and test walks. He credits them for relieving his pain and helping him move comfortably.

Who Is The Other Guy In The Good Feet Store Commercial in 2022?

In the 2022 Good Feet Store commercial, one of the featured individuals is Michael Robinson, a former professional football player and current NFL Network analyst.

Michael Robinson had a distinguished career in the NFL, playing for the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks.

He was drafted by the 49ers in 2006, where he was converted to a running back. He joined the Seahawks in 2010 and retired after the 2014 season, which culminated in a Super Bowl XLVIII victory over the Denver Broncos.

The actresses featured in The Good Feet Store commercials include both ordinary people and younger actors, each sharing their personal experiences with the brand’s products. Here are some of them:

  1. Taylor: Taylor, a young girl and club volleyball player, talks about her positive experience using Good Feet insoles in one of the commercials.
  2. Deedra: Deedra’s story with The Good Feet Store begins with her struggling with heel pain and ends with her finding relief through the arch supports she discovered at the store.
  3. Shelly: Shelly, a country line dancing enthusiast, turned to The Good Feet Store when foot pain started to impact her dancing. Her experience was shared in a commercial aired on May 20, 2022.
  4. Moira: In her commercial, Moira narrates her journey with The Good Feet Store. Unable to enjoy her hobbies due to foot pain, the young woman found solace in the arch supports provided by the store. Even years later, she continues to enjoy outdoor activities, thanks to these supports.
  5. Beth: Beth shares a touching story about a customer who had been dealing with plantar fasciitis for 30 years before finding relief at The Good Feet Store. This heartwarming tale emphasizes the transformative power of the store’s products.

These women, from different walks of life, have all benefitted from The Good Feet Store’s products, making them perfect representatives for the brand’s commercials.

What Are The Benefits Of The Good Feet Store Arch Supports?

The arch supports from The Good Feet Store provide numerous benefits such as alleviating pain from plantar fasciitis and bunions, offering support for neuropathy sufferers, reducing back and knee pain through improved foot alignment, and enhancing overall foot comfort.

These supports also contribute to improved stability and balance, aiding daily mobility. However, like any product, there are many pros and cons of the Good Feet Store arch supports, which should be considered and discussed with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

How Does The Good Feet Store Highlight The Benefits of Their Arch Supports in its Commercials?

While The Good Feet Store’s commercials effectively highlight the potential benefits of their arch supports, it’s crucial to note that the individuals featured in these ads are paid actors. As such, their testimonials may not reflect actual user experiences. Moreover, online reviews for the Good Feet Store are mixed, and the company has faced a lawsuit over allegations of false advertising.

In the case of The Good Feet Store, like any other company, potential customers need to do their own research, consult with healthcare professionals, and consider various sources of information before making a purchasing decision.