What To Expect At The Good Feet Store?

The Good Feet Store is a U.S.-based chain of stores, owned by Dr.’s Own, Inc., which specializes in providing a wide range of foot and ankle support products, with a particular focus on arch supports.

At the Good Feet Store, you can expect to find knowledgeable and friendly staff who are dedicated to helping you find the right solution for your foot issues.

Whether you suffer from plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or any other foot condition, they have a variety of arch supports and orthotics that can provide the comfort and support you need. While The Good Feet Store receives overall positive reviews, some customers have expressed concerns about occasional pushy sales tactics.

This article gives an overview of what you can expect when you visit the Good Feet Store, which includes the following things you should prepare for.

  1. Flexible operating hours
  2. No appointment
  3. Ample parking and a cozy waiting area
  4. 30-60 minute appointments
  5. Friendly atmosphere
  6. Free Consultation
  7. Detailed footprint analysis
  8. Complimentary fitting
  9. Premium pricing for arch supports

1. Flexible Operating Hours

The Good Feet Store’s flexible opening hours simply mean that the Good Feet Store has convenient and adjustable operating times. Generally, you can expect most locations to be open from 9 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Saturday, and from 10 AM to 3 PM on Sundays.

Fridays and Saturdays tend to be the busiest days, while Tuesdays to Thursdays, between 11 AM and 5 PM, are usually quieter. Keep in mind that the term “flexible” suggests that these hours might vary slightly depending on the store or other factors.

2. No Appointment

No appointment means that there is no need to book or call in advance when visiting the Good Feet Store. You can simply walk in, and the staff will make every effort to fit you in for a fitting or consultation on the same day. It allows for an immediate meeting with a Good Feet Store representative, ensuring that you can receive assistance without a prearranged schedule.

An unscheduled visit or walk-in allows you to receive an instant consultation with the Good Feet Store staff. While it’s possible that you may need to wait until the store manager has some availability, calling in advance is a good option to consider.

It gives you the opportunity to inquire about the best time to visit and ensures that you can receive timely assistance. So, if you prefer not to wait, making a quick call beforehand can help you plan your visit more efficiently.

3. Ample Parking and a Cozy Waiting Area

At the Good Feet Store, you’ll find a cozy waiting area available in case you need to wait. Along with that, you can expect ample parking space for your convenience. The Good Feet Store locations are designed to provide a pleasant experience, and they offer various amenities to enhance your visit.

These may include a dedicated consultation desk for personalized assistance, accessible gender-neutral restrooms, and wheelchair accessibility.

4. Thirty to Sixty Minute Appointments

A 30-60 minute appointment at the Good Feet Store is designed to provide ample time for consultation and fitting. During this appointment, you can expect expert advice and guidance tailored to your needs. Unlike a quick consultation that may only take 15 minutes, this longer appointment allows for a thorough problem-solving session.

It ensures that you have sufficient time to receive comprehensive consultation services, addressing any concerns or issues you may have. The goal is to ensure that you receive the necessary attention and support to find the best solutions for your feet.

5. Friendly Atmosphere

The friendly atmosphere at the Good Feet Store refers to the overall environment and interactions you can expect during your visit. The staff at the Good Feet Store is known for being friendly, welcoming, and pleasant.

They strive to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that will help you feel relaxed and comfortable during your time there. Whether you have questions, need assistance, or simply want to browse their products, the staff will be there to provide a positive and friendly experience, making your visit enjoyable and stress-free.

6. Free Consultation

A free consultation at the Good Feet Store means that you can receive a consultation without any charge or payment required. Unlike seeing a podiatrist, where costs can range from $60 to $400, the Good Feet Store offers this service at no cost to you.

It’s important to note that the staff at the Good Feet Store are not podiatrists and do not have a medical background. However, they do have a basic understanding of foot biomechanics and human anatomy.

During the complimentary evaluation, they will assess your feet and provide guidance based on their expertise. This free consultation allows you to receive personalized advice and recommendations regarding your foot concerns without any financial obligation.

7. Detailed Footprint Analysis

The detailed footprint analysis, available at the Good Feet Store, focuses on assessing the footprints left on a piece of paper. During footprint analysis, a foot imprinter is used to capture the footprints, which can provide valuable information about foot function and potential issues.

By examining the footprints, certain characteristics can be observed. Darker ink blotches in specific areas of the footprint may indicate pressure points, suggesting areas of potential discomfort or imbalance. Conversely, a properly aligned foot should display an even distribution of weight, resulting in a consistent and solid color throughout the footprint.

The Footprint Analysis offered at the Good Feet Store utilizes the Harris mat, a widely used and effective tool for assessing foot function. The Harris mat allows for the evaluation of flatfoot deformity, analysis of plantar pressure variations, and consistent results.

It’s important to note that the Footprint Analysis at the Good Feet Store is distinct from Gait Analysis, which focuses on analyzing body movement during walking or running. While gait analysis examines the overall mechanics of how the body moves, footprint analysis specifically looks at the pressure distribution on the plantar surface of the foot.

8. Complimentary Fitting

Complimentary Fitting at the Good Feet Store refers to the process of fitting and evaluating arch supports for your feet. After undergoing a foot analysis, which includes detailed measurements of your feet, the fitting process begins.

The complimentary fitting involves assessing your arch support needs, evaluating the effectiveness of your current orthotics (if applicable), and ensuring proper sizing and measurement for the arch supports.

It’s important to note that the Good Feet Store arch supports are not custom-made. Instead, the focus is on finding the right size and type of arch support that will best suit your needs and provide optimal comfort and support for your feet.

9. Premium Pricing for Arch Supports

Premium pricing for Arch Supports at the Good Feet Store refers to the higher cost associated with their high-end arch support products. These arch supports are known for their premium quality and effectiveness in providing comfort and support to the feet.

The cost of arch supports at the Good Feet Store typically ranges from $200 to $500 per pair. These arch supports are available for individual purchase, allowing customers to select the specific support they need. Additionally, they offer a multiple pair 3-Step system, where customers can purchase a package of three pairs of arch supports together.

For example, a three-pair package of Good Feet arch supports is priced at $1,299. This pricing reflects the premium quality and advanced features of the arch supports offered by the Good Feet Store.

What Can Be Anticipated When Visiting The Good Feet Store?

When you visit The Good Feet Store, you can anticipate a range of experiences based on reviews and feedback. Some customers have mentioned feeling pressure to spend more than they initially planned due to persuasive sales techniques.

However, many customers with various foot conditions and pain issues have found The Good Feet Store’s arch supports to be wonderful. These supports have been shown to improve ankle stability, posture, and walking, bringing relief and improved mobility, especially for conditions like Morton’s neuroma or nerve pain.

What Types of Shoes Are Available In The Good Feet Store?

At the Good Feet Store, you can expect a diverse range of shoe brands, including renowned options such as PW Minor Shoes, MBT shoes, Spira shoes, Xsensible shoes, Propét shoes, New Balance shoes, Revere, Korks, Cole-Haan, Birkenstocks, Brooks shoes, and Cogent shoes.

While they offer a wide selection, it’s important to note that they do not sell their own line of Good Feet Store shoes. Nonetheless, this extensive variety ensures that customers can discover the ideal footwear to cater to their unique foot needs and preferences when visiting the Good Feet Store.

What Are The Things You Should Prepare For When Going To The Good Feet Store?

When going to the Good Feet Store, it is recommended to bring your current shoes for assessment and analysis. Wearing comfortable clothing that allows easy access to your feet is also advised. Additionally, it’s helpful to have a general understanding of your foot history and be prepared to discuss your lifestyle and footwear needs with the knowledgeable staff at the Good Feet Store.